5 Ways to Sell Management on Cloud-Based Access Control

In the past, the typical access control system was managed from a computer or server on-site at the user’s facility. However, today’s risk environment calls for a secure solution that is more flexible, can work from everywhere, and is cost efficient. To meet these objectives, the cloud offers new and expanded capabilities and advantages [...]

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Three advantages of cloud-based access control for architects and engineers

When designing and constructing residential and commercial buildings, there is a wide range of entrance accommodations to be considered. Depending on the expected use of the facility, these considerations might range from the number and size of doorways to loading docks, freight elevators, ramps, hallways, temperature and airflow control, stairs, weather resistance, and much [...]

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Understanding cloud services for access control

What is “the cloud,” and why is has it become the hot new topic for the security industry? Over the past few years, cloud technology has evolved from asset storage to cloud-based software that no longer requires installation. These technological advancements have piqued the interest of the security industry both on the consumer and production [...]

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How Mobile is Changing Access Control

It almost sounds strange to talk about the “effects of mobile technology” today. Like the internet, mobile is now so entrenched in our lives that we barely give it a second thought. In the US alone, people are spending an average of 4.7 hours a day on their phones – it’s even harder to believe [...]

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Uncovering the Benefits of Today’s Access Control Technology

Of all the subsets of an integrated physical security system, perhaps none have been as much in the vanguard for addressing operational improvements as access control. Designed around both software and hardware, access control systems were among the first to offer SDKs so that a more efficient and effective security system could be developed through [...]

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