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galaxy-command-card-featureEducational facilities like K-12 schools and colleges and universities face unique issues when it comes to security and managing access. As semi-public facilities, schools are open to a wide variety of individuals and at various times through the day and night. Different doors or types of doors require different levels of access privileges and/or unlocking schedules. Some doors that are kept open during the day are locked during evenings and weekends, but there may be instances when a teacher, administrator or staff member needs to access those areas during off hours.

Specific for K-12 educational facility control, System Galaxy features a specially designed command card to allow end users to issue access cards that are designated for specific functions based on user-established rules, ensuring that access is tailored to meet the needs of students, staff and visitors while providing optimal security. For example, if an individual has reserved a facility for two hours, they can be issued a card that will unlock the doors and disarm the alarm system for that predetermined amount of time. When two hours have passed, the doors will be locked and the alarm system will be armed automatically.

With features like the command card, System Galaxy provides the ultimate flexibility in creating simple or complex access rules. A click-and-drag interface with color-coded time intervals makes it easy and convenient to create a time schedule. Special days and holidays can be assigned to any schedule, and they can be uniquely configured with their own active/inactive times.

The command card feature is one more way that Galaxy is demonstrating our commitment to providing the best service in the industry. Our customers always come first.

Key Benefits of command card:

  • Improve safety for students, staff, faculty, and visitors
  • Reduce expenditures, security disturbances and incidents
  • Enhance communications with police and fire/rescue personnel
  • Prevent theft, property crimes and other violent acts
  • Increase public confidence
  • Decrease parental concerns

Want to learn more about the state of access control today? Be sure to download our free white paper.

And for more information on the valuable flexibility that card users get with System Galaxy, read the case study on Maryville College.

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