What is “the cloud,” and why is has it become the hot new topic for the security industry? Over the past few years, cloud technology has evolved from asset storage to cloud-based software that no longer requires installation. These technological advancements have piqued the interest of the security industry both on the consumer and production side, opening a new world for access control.

Despite being around since the 1960’s, cloud services weren’t available to consumers until the early 1980’s. Originally used as the basis for the Internet we use today, cloud technology has infiltrated almost all aspects of our life. From Google Drive to Dropbox and more, cloud computing has helped businesses become more reliable and efficient, even when people are constantly on the move.

Because of the accessibility and reliability of cloud technology, the security industry has started to migrate from physical servers to cloud-based access control systems. To help people understand this transition, we released a new whitepaper: Understanding Cloud Services for Access Control.

Our latest whitepaper will help clarify what cloud systems are and how they change the way access control can be implemented. This information will not only help professionals gain insight on the potential gains of cloud technology for an important security application but also uncover potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The major topics our whitepaper covers are:

  1. The Nature of Cloud Services

We will discuss the different characteristics of cloud services and how they compare to standard on-premise computing.

  1. Benefits of Cloud Services for Access Control

Learn about how access control applications can benefit from converting to cloud-based systems

  1. The Difference Between Traditional and Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

We have created two visuals that illustrate how both the traditional access control system and the cloud-based control system transfer information from data centers to the end user.

  1. Decision Factors

Because an access control system is crucial to the safety and security of an organization, up-front cost, IT staffing and measuring the actual need for remote accessibility and reliability must be considered prior to deciding on the best approach.

When looking to implement a new system or update an older one, be sure to consider the up-front costs, how involved the current IT staff will be in the implementation and maintenance and just how important remote accessibility and reliability are to your team.

While cloud services are new to the security industry, they have been well established in other industries and are necessary when adapting to today’s everchanging technological environment. Because of the importance of access control systems, be sure to work with a well-established company to determine both the level of security needed as well as the specific data center locations.